Professional Cinematography     

Using mods such as Camera Studio, We create the most stunning and polished cinematics for Minecraft projects, servers, texturepacks and landscapes.


Breathtaking Camera Angles and Shots

We spend the time to ensure the quality of each and every shot and to scout the area of a map to obtain the best angles. This provides a charming picturesque feel to every video. 

Machinima Screenplays and Scripts

Crafting the best story takes time and effort which we take into notice when creating a Machinima. We feel that it also requires thought and practice and we spend weeks planning for upcoming Machinimas.

Awe-Inspiring Soundtracks

Epic or Tranquil, Our music still induces excitement and brings out the quality and effectiveness of our cinematics. Picking the right music is a delicate but painstaking process and we are proud of our choices.